John is both an accomplished graphic novelist and playwright. He has written three full length plays; American Dream, Tulsa and The Queen Must Dance, which has drawn remarkable talent such as Oscar winner Kathleen Turner, Tovah Feldshuh, David Morse, Tamara Tunie, Sarita Choudhury and Stelio Savante to name a few.

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BroadwayWorld Announcement for Lieutenants Upon the Earth . . .
BroadwayWorld Announcement for Lieutenants Upon the Earth


Lieutenants upon the earth is a 90 minute, two-man stage play, divided into three acts, spanning nearly fifty years. The play is based on the history of Miranda Rights in the United States and illuminates why these rights are every bit as important today as when they were first issued in a landmark 1966 Supreme Court case. Lieutenants Upon the Earth is currently being performed at universities, law schools, bar association events and performing arts centers across the US.​​

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American Dream, a legal drama inspired, in part, by actual events, examines how our legal system was threatened as a result of the war on terror. Set in August 2002, amid the post 9/11 hysteria that gripped our nation, American Dream reveals how some who were sworn to protect our laws rose up to challenge those who would subvert our constitution...


Tulsa is based on the actual events that led to the worst race riot in United States' history.  In 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma is the most affluent black community in America.  A 19 year old black shoeshine boy is wrongly accused of trying to rape a white girl in an elevator. Sheriff Bill McCullogh and his deputies...


It is ten years since President Lincoln’s death. After a mock trial to determine the former first lady’s insanity, Mary Lincoln is institutionalized to an insane asylum by her own son, Robert Lincoln, ostensibly ‘for her own good’. Mary’s incarceration grants Robert full control over the family’s significant finances, and removes Mary from the public eye as Robert is being groomed...


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